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Fishing in Atlantic City offers a chance to catch big fun!

Do you have what it takes to land the big one? Whether you prefer to fish from shore or charter a boat for some deep-sea angling action, Atlantic City promises all the excitement you can catch.

Fishermen around here mainly haul in bluefish, blackfish, drum, striped bass, tuna, cod, flounder and even shark. If you’ll be casting from shore, know that most of the beaches are off-limits to fishermen during bathing hours (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.). Some exceptions include the jetties located on Maine Avenue or the inlet off the Boardwalk. If you crave high-seas adventure, there are plenty of Atlantic City fishing charters willing to take you out for a day of fishing fun.

Whatever your style of fishing, in Atlantic City you’ll come home with dinner and a story -- and it won’t be about the one that got away.