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Discover Surfing in AC

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Discover Surfing in AC

What makes Atlantic City one of the top East Coast surf spots? Find out in this interview with one of our local surf instructors Donnie Milora, owner and operator of Atlantic Surf Sessions, about surfing in Atlantic City!

AC: Word is that AC has some of the best surfing on the East Coast. What makes the waters off the coast of AC so good for surfing?
Don: There are many places along the East Coast that offer great waves.  What makes Atlantic City special is that because of its eastern and southern swell exposure, the waters offer very consistent (and sometimes world class) surf throughout the year.  Add in the perfect summer climate and water temperature in the mid 70's, and that makes for an awesome experience for the beginner and avid surfer alike.
AC: Most people think of surfing as a sport for just young athletes.  What makes AC a great family surfing destination?
Don: Surfing is a lifetime activity that can be shared by most ages young and old.  It promotes a healthy, fit lifestyle for both the body and the mind.  We often encourage parents to participate in lessons with their children.  It is often hard to figure out who has a better time!
AC: What if I’m an experienced surfer? What do you and the AC waves have to offer me?
Don: There are plenty of excellent beach breaks in Atlantic City that can challenge even the best visiting surfers.  Surfers can generally find their own peak with a little exploration . . . just be sure to be respectful to the locals!
AC: What can I expect from (beginners/advanced) lessons?
Don: First time surfers can expect to catch and ride many waves during their lesson, depending on the ability of the participant and the surf conditions of that particular session.  Surfers can always expect to have a fun and safe time!
AC: What’s the best time of year to surf AC?
The best time for surfing lessons in AC is of course during the summer when the water is warm and the seas are friendly.  Autumn (hurricane season) provides the best conditions for the experienced surfer to challenge their surfing wits.  

Atlantic City Surf Sessions offers surf lessons in both Atlantic City and Ocean City. If you're looking to catch a few waves while you're in AC, give Don from Atlantic Surf Sessions a call at 609-398-0159.

Atlantic City, in case you didn’t know, has three, count them, THREE beaches designated for surfing, making it one of the most popular sports in AC. And yes, there are many things to do in AC other than surfing, but you really should consider it. And here’s why!

Admittedly, surfing is intimidating. We’ve all seen Point Break and not everyone prides themselves on their balance, so anyone can come up with excuses not to try surfing in Atlantic City. But you’d be surprised at how easy and fun it is. And depending on when you visit, the waves at these east coast surf spots tend to be easy enough to not kill you, but challenging enough to make it fun. This also leads right into our next reason...

You’ll learn from international award-winning instructors in AC! These guys and gals have been teaching people how to surf almost as long as they’ve been surfing, which is a long time for many of them. Whether you’re just starting out or wanting to get better, the surf schools in AC have multiple classes for you to take. And these classes aren’t like Driver’s Ed - there’s demonstration and of course, practice! And plus, you don’t have to do it alone...

Bring the entire family! Surfing is a classic pastime in America that’s fun for both kids and adults, plus the surf classes are taught in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone. And think about THIS: how cool would you look to your kids if you were able to ride some radical wave in one of the top east coast surf spots? You’d be the talk of the house for years to come! Surfing in Atlantic City provides a lot of photo and video opportunities for your family, and fond memories are guaranteed to be made.