Lifeguards and Safety

Even while enjoying one of the top East Coast beaches in Atlantic City, safety counts. Although the Atlantic Ocean usually offers up gentle, rolling waves, it can occasionally kick up some rough currents, so you should swim only where lifeguards are present. Atlantic City had the first paid, professional lifesaving squad in the world, and they're still tops in making sure you stay safe on our New Jersey beaches. Anyone can enjoy the accessible beaches here in Atlantic City–here's the skinny on where and when to take a dip on some of the top East Coast beaches:

Lifeguards are on duty from 10 AM - 6 PM at various locations along our Atlantic City beaches, from Caspian Ave. to Jackson Ave. July 1 - Labor Day. (A limited number of Atlantic City, New Jersey beaches are protected from Memorial Day to July 1, and Labor Day to September 30. See below for more information.

There are 11 District Stations that provide first aid, certified EMTs, and communications. District Stations are located at: Caspian Ave., New Hampshire Ave., States Ave., South Carolina Ave., Kentucky Ave., Michigan Ave., Mississippi Ave., Texas Ave., Chelsea Ave., Albany Ave., and Bartram Ave. For lifeguard district information and handicapped-accessible beach locations see Access and Facilities page.

We hope you enjoy your time and stay safe here in AC on one of the top East Coast beaches!

Current Guarded Beaches, 10 AM - 6 PM daily




Caspian, Maine


New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Metropolitan


States, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia


Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee


New York, Kentucky, Mt. Vernon, Martin Luther King Boulevard


Indiana, Park Place, Ohio, Michigan, Arkansas


Missouri, Mississippi, Colombia Place, Georgia


Florida, Texas, California, Iowa


Brighton, Chelsea, Montpelier, Sovereign


Providence, Hartford, Albany, Dover


Annapolis, Richmond, Bartram, Tallahasee, Montgomery