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Sing the Night Away at Planet Rose

Located in the Tropicana is Planet Rose Karaoke Bar – the premier spot for karaoke in Atlantic City. But don’t let the word “premier” mislead you. Karaoke isn’t an exclusive activity – it’s for everyone who wishes to be a star for 4 minutes or less. It’s your time to shine, and Planet Rose provides the best possible environment for you to do so. It has every song you can imagine and is well known for its ambience and the fun attitude of the audience and staff. But, before you just stroll on in and put your name on the list, here are some tips to doing Atlantic City karaoke right.

Song choice is KEY to a magical karaoke performance. No one wants to hear the deep cuts of Elvis – they want to hear the hits! If they wanted to hear new stuff, they’d just go to a concert or club. At a karaoke bar, it’s all about community, so stick with popular songs. And hey, maybe it’ll turn into a group sing-a-long! But be sure and pick a song that you know well enough that you don’t have to completely rely on the teleprompter. No one wants to watch you stare at a screen. You most likely do that all day in your job anyway. This brings us to our next tip…


Before you step out onto that stage, leave your normal, 9-to-5, humble self at your table. Then, when you step onto the stage and into the heat of the spotlight, become a star! And depending on the band or artist you’re honoring, try to emulate their movements and character. If it’s Tina Turner, use those legs of yours! If it’s the Rolling Stones, put your hands on your hips and do your best Jagger. It’s all in good fun and everyone will be into it. Just try not to injure yourself with a James Brown or Van Halen song.

The more you think about your performance, the more robotic it’ll most likely become. Just keep in mind, no one is taking you seriously. It’s all about having fun and performing. You only get so many opportunities in life to be in the spotlight, and that’s the beauty of karaoke. So don’t worry about what you look or sound like, just sing the song with all you got and make it a night everyone will remember. Oh, and don’t forget the words.