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School’s Out

No more teachers, no more books – it’s the official beginning of summer and the end of the school year! AC is all about taking a break from the real world and escaping to our many exciting attractions that make for great summer vacations for kids and adults alike. Take a look at all we have to offer and see why AC tops the list of best family vacation destinations.

Totally Fun & Totally Free
What’s not to love about the beach? Let the kids swim and build sandcastles while you catch up on the latest best-seller. Or, you and your family can take surf lessons, go fishing, play volleyball or even kayak– the possibilities are endless, and they’re all waiting for you!

Explore the Sea without the Scuba Lessons
Just because school’s out doesn’t mean learning has to stop. Housing more than 100 species of fish and other marine animals, the AC Aquarium gives you an up-close look at some of the world’s most beautiful (and dangerous) creatures. But it goes beyond animals, too! After you learn all about fish and marine life, you can also learn how to sail in The Art of Sailing exhibit. The AC Aquarium has family fun and interactive exhibits–all for a pretty low price.

The Missing “Links” from Your Summer Vacation
Sure, miniature golf is in most every town. But how many have you been to that are right by the ocean? Plus, it’s on AC’s world-famous Boardwalk, so it’s a great stop on your way to shopping and other Boardwalk activities. Our premier mini-golf is comprised of 18 challenging holes set to the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean and other breathtaking views. And again, it’s fairly inexpensive, so the whole family can get involved!

Atlantic City AIR SHOW

High Flying Entertainment
Set in front of Atlantic City’s picturesque skyline, the AC Airshow is an exciting and rare type of entertainment that’s fun for all ages. Watch as planes perform death-defying stunts and demonstrations 15,000 feet up in the air. Your jaws will drop, unlike your budget – the entire event

These are only just a few selections out of AC’s fun-filled and world-renowned summer attractions. For more ideas you can use when planning summer vacations for kids, search our attractions listings. Experience one of the best family vacation destinations in America this summer!