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Resolve to Play Golf This Year

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 45% of Americans still make New Year’s resolutions, and of them, only 46% have a resolution survive to the six-month mark. I have noticed that the first six weeks of every year are the hardest six weeks in the world in which to find an open treadmill, but that’s a discussion for another post.

Parade magazine recently published a list of the 10 most common New Year’s resolutions, and golf, by my reasoning, can help you achieve nine of the ten.
  1. Lose weight – Play cart paths only regardless of the course conditions. More walking, more calories burned.
  2. Get a new job – The golf course is the best networking tool out there.
  3. Exercise – In addition to #1, a proper stretch and pre-round warm-up routine will help to prevent injury and work up a sweat.
  4. Improve your finances – See #2. The costs of play can be outweighed by the potential benefits.
  5. Eat healthier – Try a protein bar at the turn instead of hot dogs and beer.
  6. Manage stress better – As the old saying goes: “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office.” Get out, play, and don’t forget that it’s a game. Keep in mind that your name is not Tiger, Bubba or Vijay.
  7. Stop smoking – I am a nonsmoker that smokes cigars while playing. I am of no help here, sorry.
  8. Improve a relationship – Four hours outdoors in good weather with another person sounds good no matter who it is.
  9. Stop procrastinating – the USGA’s “While We’re Young” media campaign last year did a great job of promoting ready golf and cutting down wasted time on the course. Learn it while you play and live it off the golf course.
  10. Set aside time for yourself – Playing nine, 18, or beating range balls is a great way to clear your head and organize your thoughts. Trips to the range are only for working on your game if you want them to be.
    Since we’re on the topic of New Year’s resolutions to kick off 2014 and this blog is all about DO AC and golf, here’s a question for you: What are your golf resolutions for the New Year?

• Are you planning a trip to Atlantic City during which you play a new course?
• Would you like to shoot a certain score?
• Maybe you have a goal to play a certain number of rounds?
If you are thinking about coming to the Atlantic City area to play golf, then visit our Golf Page and discover your many options of world-class courses. You can also check our Golf Packages page to find a package to suit your travel plans.