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Motorsports Events in Atlantic City

Do you have a need for speed? Whether you want to experience the blur of a racetrack from behind the wheel or just watch the professionals go head-to-head, Atlantic City is the place to start your engine.

Just an hour from Atlantic City, the New Jersey Motorsports Park offers virtually any “go-fast” experience you can dream up. The park hosts an enormous variety of races on its two acclaimed tracks, including amateur and club automotive races and professional motorcycle racing, all the way up to the AMA Pro SuperBike level. Check out the race schedule and catch some incredible Atlantic City races.

For those who want to climb into the driver’s seat and experience a New Jersey racetrack firsthand, there are quite a few options. Enthusiasts can drive their own cars around the track on “Track Days,” typically held once a month. These track days are separated into categories for drivers with and without track experience, and instruction is included in the cost. Price runs from $25 for a low-speed guided drive around the course to $295 for open-course practice racing sessions (for experienced racers with competition licenses). Ride-alongs with professional drivers ($50) are a great way to experience the speed of the track without experience or a fast car. Closed-toe shoes, long pants and helmets (limited rentals available) are required for all Track Day activities. Car clubs and groups may rent a track for outings, film shoots, testing, and more.

For motorcycle riders, New Jersey Motorsports Park provides instruction and practice in safe and motorcycle riding and performance techniques. Train to compete in the big leagues or just learn how to ride more skillfully on the street.

The park’s F1 Karting experience brings lightning-speed go karts to the track for the ultimate birthday party, bachelor party or other group activity -- packages are available.

For spectators, Atlantic City’s Board walk Hall transforms into an indoor racetrack that hosts the Gambler’s Classic, a 40-lap race that’s part of the regional TQ Midget car series. These indoor Atlantic City races also typically include Champ Kart and Slingshot racing.
Atlantic City’s Central Pier Arcade and Speedway offers kid-friendly go karts so the whole family can get in on the racing fun.

Find full-throttle fun for everyone in Atlantic City! Start planning your trip today.