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A Runner’s Guide to the Atlantic City Marathon

So you want to run in the Atlantic City Marathon Race Series? Perfect! Have you been training for months? Does waking up at the crack of dawn interest you? Are you staying hydrated throughout the day with water? Have you run a 5K in New Jersey before? If you answered yes to all of those, then you should sign up for a race! If you said no, then proceed to your runner awakening below!

The Basics
Before deciding on what race you’d like to participate in, you should probably know up front what kind of challenge each one presents.

FULL MARATHON: 26.2 miles
HALF MARATHON: 13.1 miles (you'll see “13.1” stickers on cars)
10K: 6.2 miles
5K: 3.1 miles
KIDS RUN: 1 mile

As you can see, there are plenty of choices for all kinds of runners. To make your choice even sweeter, it’s all for a good cause! The Atlantic City Marathon Race Series is put on by Milton and Betty Katz JCC, a non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the AC community. Proceeds from the registration fees go towards local charities and to Milton and Betty Katz Early Childhood Scholarship Programs. So just dwell on all the good you’re doing while you’re running. Here are the dates:

Shore Medical Center 5K & 10K
Saturday, October 12 9 A.M.

Marathon & Half Marathon
Sunday, October 13 8 A.M.

First and foremost, get yourself a good pair of running shoes if you don’t already have some. You don’t have to spend a fortune as a beginner, but it’s encouraged to visit your local shoe store and find the shoe that’s best for you.

Though it’s not required in the slightest, it could be beneficial to have an arm band or something to hold your smart phone or whatever you use to listen to music. Music or podcasts are great ways to help you stay focused and motivated throughout training and even on the day of the race. You could even put together a playlist of songs that pump you up.

No matter what you’re thinking about doing, you’re going to need to train yourself if you want to complete the race, especially if this is your first rodeo, so to speak. There are several different apps that help you set up a training schedule – many of them for free. Just search “marathon training” in your App Store and you’ll find many different kinds. Overall, set a schedule and stick to it and you should be fine. And always hydrate!

But there’s more than just physical training. You also need to train yourself mentally. Running for a straight hour or more requires focus and determination – something that rarely comes easy in our busy day-to-day lives. One way to help you through it is to set goals that you can accomplish such as weight loss, distance, time, frequency, etc. When you’re able to check off goals, it can boost your confidence and motivate you throughout the run.

We’ve glazed over some specifics, so be sure and do some research or talk to your doctor before you decide to run in this exciting half marathon, full marathon, 10K or 5K in New Jersey. For more information, visit Hope to see you there!