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Who is Sparkable?

A boutique holistic marketing fulfillment firm that harvests competitive intelligence to produce creative assets and promotion strategies for offline and online engagements. Sparkable also uses competitive intelligence and process management to assist in market cultivation, new product development and business development projects. Sparkable engages in international projects in multiple industries with partnerships in North America, and Europe.

What does Sparkable do?

Sparkable manages marketing investments. The deliverables and services have been created using the four pillars of holistic marketing as a foundation. Pillars include: Integrated Marketing, Performance Marketing, Relationship Marketing, and Internal Marketing. Sparkable provides strategic engagements, creative development and marketing management services in order to generate measurable outcomes in each of the four pillars for its clients.

How does Sparkable make money?

Sparkable's goal is to operate on retainer to manage marketing fulfillment investments that range from $20,000 to $5,000,000 annually and provide tangible returns on investment.

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1616 Pacific Ave.
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