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How to plan a convention & other meeting planning services

Not quite sure how to plan a convention or big business meeting? We’re here to help. Our meeting planning services include guidance on selecting a venue, booking hotel accommodations and finding things for your attendees to do during their visit.

With our help, you can plan an event that people in your organization or industry will be talking about until next year. Contact us to speak about meeting planning services or to ask questions about how to plan a convention or meeting here in AC. Thank you for your interest in Atlantic City!

To speak to one of our meeting and event planning experts, contact the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority or one of the contacts below. We’re your number one source of information on the Atlantic City, NJ convention center and other conference facilities, meeting planning services and guides, unique meeting spaces and corporate events on a budget. Planning Atlantic City conventions, trade shows and meetings is a whole lot easier with the ACCVA on your side. If you don’t know how to plan a convention or event in AC, contact us and we’ll help you put together your next big event!

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Jim Wood
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 609-449-7117
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Gary Musich
Vice President, Convention Sales
Phone: 609-449-7110
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Michele Turturro
Executive Assistant, CEO & VP Sales
Phone: 609-449-7109
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Sandi Harvey
Director of Sales
Phone: 609-449-7148
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Michael J. Reynolds
National Account Director
Phone: 609-449-7136
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Anne Bergen, CMP, CEM
National Sales Manager
Phone: 609-449-7153
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Tanya Wolfe Curran, CMP
National Account Director
Phone: 609-449-7152
Fax: 609-345-3685
Heather Colache
Leisure Group Sales Manager
Phone: 609-449-7151
Fax: 609-345-2200

Mary Moliver
Director, Convention Services
Phone: 609-449-7135
Fax: 609-345-6704

Felicia Davis
Manager, Convention Services
Phone: 609-449-7134
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Margie Hurley
Manager, Convention Services
Phone: 609-449-7157
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Linda Polmonari
Manager, Convention Services
Phone: 609-449-7106
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