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The Art of Excellence – The Incredible Atlantic City Ballet

To say we are very proud of our exceptional Atlantic City Ballet company is to understate our profound admiration for this remarkable AC artistic jewel. Founded in 1982 and directed by “one of the finest dancers and teachers on the American scene today,” the Atlantic City Ballet offers world-class performances by a gifted troupe of international dancers.

The Papa’s Touch
Treated to director and founder, Phyllis Papa’s renowned creative inspiration, classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Carmen and Swan Lake are danced to uncommon perfection by her talented troupe.

Papa’s original choreography and creativity are on display as the Atlantic City Ballet thrills audiences with unique performances of works such as “Caught up in the Swing,” a foot-tapping comedy ballet, “Tango,” a ballet that captures the elegant tango on pointe with both contemporary and classical movement and “Dracula”, a haunting 15th century depiction based on Bram Stoker’s novel.

A world-famous dancer and choreographer, Papa is also a gifted writer - authoring and choreographing original works such as “Mountain Legend.” Set to the music of Aaron Copeland, the ballet captures the flavor of life in a 1930’s rural American town and “dramatizes emotions and situations shared by all people.”

An International Company of Stars
The AC Ballet professional troupe features gifted dancers from Italy, England, Japan, Latvia, France, Brazil, Romania and the United States, while the company’s apprentice program offers young international talent the opportunity to grow both their craft and their careers.

Papa also directs the Acbt Performing Arts Academy, the official school of the Atlantic City Ballet, educating “both the serious student as well as those who want to have fun through dance.”

Taking it to The Street

On stage and off, the Atlantic City Ballet company is dedicated to preserving the traditions of ballet, honoring the diversity of world cultures, making ballet accessible to everyone and highlighting the communicative power of dance through education and outreach programs.

The company has an active “Stages to School” touring program that brings dance to “audiences who may never have to opportunity see a live dance performance.”

Summer finds AC visitors thrilled to find the company performing outdoors at Kennedy Plaza. Free to the public, the company’s “Ballet on the Boardwalk” gives audiences a chance to see some of AC Ballet’s repertoire.

If you want to get “Up Close and Personal with AC Ballet,” purchase tickets to this limited-seating intimate performance featuring a sample of the latest production in rehearsal and an opportunity to get to know the company and the world of ballet.

Natural grace, dramatic impact and the harmony between body and music - no matter what time of year you visit AC, an evening with the Atlantic City Ballet company is a must-do experience. Check out this season’s itinerary and make plans to be moved by the power of dance!