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See Real Gold at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City

According to Shakespeare, “All that glitters is not gold” – but William has not seen the actual gold nugget on display at the Golden Nugget Casino Marina Hotel in Atlantic City.

The Hand of Faith, considered to be the biggest gold nugget ever found by a using a metal detector, was discovered in Australia in 1980. A year later, the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas purchased it for a reported $1 million.

Many large gold nugget specimens were found in Australia between 1858 and 1872. A century later, a resident of the state of Victoria – an area which was a colony created in the 1850s during the Victorian gold rush – got a metal detector.
Excited and ready to test out his new toy, Kevin Hillier stepped outside his trailer and started swinging. It wasn’t long before something was detected. Hillier wasn’t sure the device was functioning properly and almost ignored it, but decided to dig. What he found – just 6” below the surface – both shocked and delighted him.
That bit of gold he uncovered was the top of a vertical gold nugget that weighed 62 pounds! It is considered the biggest gold nugget ever found by a metal detector as well as the world’s biggest gold nugget in existence. According to the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria, Hillier told his wife, “We are filthy rich.” There is a monument at the exact location of his spectacular find in Australia, but you need neither airfare nor a metal detector to see the actual gold nugget.

Last year the Golden Nugget of Atlantic City acquired this little treasure – worth an estimated $5 million today – from its sister property in Las Vegas. Visitors can “ooh” and “ahh” at the world’s biggest gold nugget when they head to the retail corridor of the Golden Nugget Casino, where this golden treasure is on display.
Some guests say they got lucky and struck gold after viewing the biggest gold nugget ever found at the Golden Nugget Casino. Let us know if you’re a winner!