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Lots to Love About Running in AC

According to New Jersey residents Howard Rosenblatt and MaryAnn Imroth, there’s a lot to love about running in Atlantic City, from the atmosphere to the challenges, the scenery to the amenities. They both ran the Atlantic City Half Marathon last fall after Imroth ran the April Fools Run in April 2013 and the 2012 Half Marathon in October.

This year’s April Fools Run weekend is April 5-6 featuring the Shore Medical Center 11K and 7K events beginning Saturday, April 5, at 9 a.m. The Kids Fit Final Mile sponsored by the Atlantic County Council of Education Associations starts at 11 a.m. also on Saturday. Then the main event, the AmeriHealth NJ April Fools Half Marathon will kickoff Sunday, April 6 at 8 a.m. There’s still time to sign up as online registration closes April 1. Click here to register now.

“I really like and appreciate the course,” said Imroth, 46, of Hopatcong. “It’s very well designed. The half marathon course is very diverse, so it gives the challenge of both the ramps and the flatness. They have strategically located, kind of where a runner needs it, cheering squads, and they’ll have live music and then they’ll have DJs and refreshments. The course is very well laid out and it seems like when you really need that extra burst or a drink, you’re at that water station and they have Energy Gels, or when you need to hear, ‘Hey you’re almost there,’ or ‘Hey, you’re doing great,’ they have those cheering squads there.”

“They have great tech shirts, they really do a lot for the runners, it’s a great party atmosphere and it’s a great race,” said Rosenblatt, 45 of Morris Plains. “All of the Atlantic City races, they do a really good job of marketing and you really look forward to running it next time.

“It’s extremely well organized. They corral you up based on your time then and when you get back to the Boardwalk there’s a lot of directions on where to go and what to do. There are always a lot of people out on the course and that’s always nice because that’s around mile 7, 8, 9 where you really need a little push.

“Then at the end, you get your medal and they send you down and they have pretzels and drinks and everything you need to put the fuel back in your body. And something I didn’t take advantage of, they have masseuses and masseurs there to massage you out, which, in retrospect, I really should’ve taken advantage of.”
And for Imroth and Rosenblatt, participating in Atlantic City running events is not just showing up for a run, hopping in the car and heading home. They typically turn it into a whole weekend getaway because Atlantic City offers so much, from entertainment to clubs and restaurants.

“We appreciate going down there a couple days prior to our races, and just hanging out,” said Imroth, an internal auditor in Plainsboro. “We’ll go to the pasta party the night before the race, we’ll go out to a nice dinner at some point and we’ll race and have some cocktails and then we go home. You can definitely approach it like a mini vacation.”

“It’s not just race and go home, it’s a party before and a party after,” said Rosenblatt, the Director of Strategic Sales for Greater Media Inc., based in Morristown, New Jersey. “This year, we had a former high school friend of ours who came up from North Carolina and other friends who flew in from Michigan and we all ran as a de facto group out there. And it’s Atlantic City; it’s not like you’re going to Sheboygan. The weather is usually great and it’s A.C. so there’s lots to do.”

During last fall’s 5K – a day prior to the marathon – rain dominated, but Rosenblatt was impressed by a small detail that the race organizers thought of. And it’s another reason why he and Imroth say they’ll be back to run in more Atlantic City races.

“Participating in a bunch of different runs, you get to know all the little things that (the organizers) tend to do. Last year, after running in the torrential rain, you get to the finish line and they hand you a towel,” said Rosenblatt. “Now whether it was thought of at the last second because of the weather or it was planned in advance, it’s little things like that that make you realize they really care about you as a runner. They actually care about the people who put the money down to help the Atlantic City community because all of that money goes to charities down there.”
About the AC Marathon Race Series: The Atlantic City Marathon Race Series is a division of the Milton and Betty Katz JCC, a non-profit organization based in Margate, New Jersey. The Race Series is dedicated to supporting the local community charitable works as well as the Milton and Betty Katz Early Childhood Scholarship Programs. Working in conjunction with National charitable organizations, it is the goal of the Atlantic City Marathon Race Series to support organizations that fundraise through road racing events. 

With a flat, fast, and unique course beginning in Atlantic City, runners will spend a few miles running on the wood planks of the boardwalk before heading through sleepy beach towns with ocean views the entire way.

Live course entertainment, moisture-wicked technical shirts and spinning finisher medals make this the best half marathon of the Spring!

•  Shore Medical Center 11K & 7K
  Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 9 AM

•  Kids Fit Final Mile sponsored by Atlantic County Council of Education Associations
  Saturday, April 5, 2014 | 11 AM

•  AmeriHealth New Jersey April Fools Half Marathon
  Sunday, April 6, 2014 | 8 AM

•  Registration Now Open
  Online registration closes April 1, 2014

For more details about the upcoming Marathons in Atlantic City, visit their web site here