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Globetrotters Bring New Twist to Atlantic City Basketball

If you’ve never seen the Harlem Globetrotters in action, you’re missing out on the greatest game on hardwood – no-look passes, amazing trick shots and ball-handling skills that literally dribble circles around the competition. In short, Globetrotters games are shows of basketball wizardry unlike anything you’ve ever seen. This time, however, they’re playing with an added surprise. The new “Fans Rule” Show introduces fan participation in a revolutionary new way – by voting on new rules for Globetrotters games! Some of the captivating/entertaining game twists include:

·     “Hot Hand” Jersey - Each team gets a “Hot Hand” jersey that it can pass among its players. Whoever wears the jersey gets double points for his team whenever he scores.

·     6 on 5 - Puts five Globetrotters up against six opponents for the entire game.


·     Two-Ball Basketball - If you thought the Globetrotters were already wild, see the madness that ensues when another ball is added to the game.


·     Make or Miss - Both teams start with only two players at the beginning of each quarter. For each basket they make, a team gets to bring another player on the court. But for each shot they miss, they lose a player.


·     Trick Shot Challenge - Either team’s coach can challenge the opponent to make a trick shot. If he does, the team gets five points. If he misses, the opposing team gets five points


Vote for your favorite new rule on the Harlem Globetrotters website. Don’t miss this spectacle of sport at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City! Find more information here and join us for one incredible Atlantic City basketball game.