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Catching the Experience of a Lifetime

Atlantic City, NJ has been known as a hotspot for on- and off-shore saltwater fishing on the East Coast for quite some time now.The Atlantic City fishing report regularly includes white perch, striper, winter and summer flounder, sea bass and bluefish. Atlantic City is also a perfect year-round fishing destination, attracting everyone from professionals and enthusiasts to first-timers.

First and Foremost – A Good Time
Atlantic City fishing charters are a big hit in New Jersey. With charter boats venturing offshore into the ocean and the bay, fishers have the opportunity to catch everything the city’s waters have to offer. Jessica of Jessie O’ Fishing & Cruising Fleet says that anyone thinking about booking a charter fishing trip in Atlantic City can expect “First and foremost a good time.”  

Fishing in Atlantic City is a great activity for the entire family, and Jessica is quick to point out that the Jessie O’ crew all enjoy teaching children of ALL ages the art of fishing.

Embarking on a chartered fishing expedition is a great way to tap into the knowledge of the local experts.  Charter ship captains and mates provide a thorough Atlantic City fishing report and a wealth of tips and know-how such as what types of bait yield the best results. “Back bay flounder like live minnows & squid. On the ocean we use mainly squid & mackerel,” Jessica explains.  Professional advice like this is the key to landing a big fish.  

Atlantic City fishing charters are also a great way to enjoy fishing without the messy work–no packing up the fishing gear, looking up the Atlantic City fishing reports to see where they’re biting, boat rentals or preparing your catch. “Our professional crew will fillet 'em, skin 'em, bone 'em and bag 'em” so you can enjoy your fresh-caught seafood, says Jessica.  

Find out more about all the fun you can have fishing in Atlantic City and learn more about the Jessie O' Fishing & Cruising Fleet. See you soon!