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Big Treats for Kids of All Ages

All ages adore a decadent, rich dessert – but place a massive ice cream sundae in front of a child and the magic in their eyes if worth every hot chocolate stain and post-sugar-binge tantrum. If you’re looking to wow the kids with a sweet ending that takes the cake … we know what to order.

Garces Foundation Chocolate Cake, $10
Amada, 500 Boardwalk, Revel

Chef Joses Garces’ favorite dessert is classic chocolate cake, and his favorite cause is his own charity, The Garces Foundation, which provides the Philadelphia-area immigrant community with much needed medical, educational, and nutritional services. So he whipped up a way to bridge the two with his this solid wedge of deliciousness – layers of chocolate cake and pistachio buttercream served alongside creamy pistachio ice cream. And what’s even sweeter – proceeds from the dessert go to the foundation.

Great Wall of Chocolate, $8.95
PF Chang’s, 2801 N. Pacific Ave., The Quarter at Tropicana

If you are of the mindset that more is more, this literal wall of chocolate insanity is right up your ally. Made for sharing (remind the kids of that when they bat your fork away), the wonder is made up six layers of chocolate cake, each iced with creamy goodness. The entire slice is then encrusted in chocolate chips, placed on a sweet pool of raspberry sauce, and sprinkled with fresh berries. Take what you can’t consume to go – then finish it when the kids are passed out in bed.

Titanic, $29.95
Carmine’s, 801 N. Pacific Ave., The Quarter at Tropicana

Yes, that’s the real price tag. But it’s cheaper – and safer – than a ride on its namesake. And just about as thrilling. This ice cream monster has a little bit – or maybe a lot – of everything, making it perfect for plopping in the center of the table and attacking with multiple spoons. Fresh brownie, chocolate sauce, strawberries, bananas, pineapple, and whipped cream smother mounds of ice cream and will melt you to pieces. A word to the wise: almost all dishes at Carmine’s are on the huge side, so if your aiming for this dessert, you might want to share you dinner entrée, too.

Sparkling Volcano, $14.99
Rainforest Café, 2201 Boardwalk, Trump Plaza

If you’re thinking dessert and a show, the flash and pizzazz of the Sparkling Volcano will get your attention. Not only does this creation resemble an actual mountain of rich brownie cake, filled with scoops of vanilla ice cream, but it’s erupting with streams of chocolate and caramel sauces and a lit sparkler on top. This spectacle is sure to light up the kids’ faces. That is until they are covered in chocolate.

Pink Cotton Candy Cake, $6.25
Sammy D’s, 777 Harrah's Blvd. Harrah’s Resort

Over-the-top desserts often lean on chocolate for some wow factor, but this pink, poufy piece of perfection just goes right for the sugar. Fluffy vanilla cake is layered with pink whipped buttercream four times over, and then topped with a toupee of classic Boardwalk cotton candy. Your kids won’t know which angle to attack it from first, but it’s a sure bet they’ll be sporting pink moustaches and starry sugar eyes on the way back to the car.